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Bell Boat Design
Nine metres long and 1.4 metres wide, the Bell Boat leads the way in paddlesport safety and stability. Its twin hull design with central non-slip deck area seats up to eight adults or up to twelve children with a helm. The benefit of the stable design removes the fear from having a go. Disabled people find the Bell Boat as much fun as non disabled people.You can even walk on the central deck while the boat is moving to have a go on the helm.

Design History and Prototyping
The Mk1 Bell Boat was made until 1998 when the Mk2 model with polyethylene end seats and raised gunwales was introduced. The current MK3 model was introduced in 2012 with all the components being made in polyethylene to give many years of maintenance free use.

Modular and Reversible
The Bell Boat is built in a modular twin section design for easy transportation on its own custom trailer.

With both halves been exactly the same the design is perfect for use on narrow canals and waterways where turning around is impossible, simple turn around in the seats, send the helm down the other end and you are away.

Easy Assembly
The Bell Boat is designed for maximum water time, only six bolts and the two sections are securely fixed together. There are two main threaded assemblies with high-density foam seals for the hulls. All bolts are 19 millimetre in diameter and a suitable ratchet and spanner is supplied with every boat.

Easy Transportation
The Bell Boat is easily transported on its own custom trailer details for which can be found on the equipment page.

Construction Materials
Linear Polyethelene is used in every Bell Boat for both a sturdy and fully repairable construction. A Bell Boat is designed to be a valued asset which offers a durable long life to its owner we are happy in the knowledge that every Bell Boat made since 1992 is still being used regularly today.
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